Monday, October 26, 2009

Lean Into God

"Whether a tree falls to the South or to the North, in the place where it falls, there will it lie." Ecclesiastes 11:3b
Why would a tree fall in any particular direction when it falls? I believe this depends on the way that tree was growing or leaning when it met it's ill fate. I read this scripture and it reminds me of my own life's trials. In recent years I have learned to trust God more and to lean into Him and I have found great comfort and strength in doing so. I can also remember times in my past when I tried to run away from God which only increased my loneliness, my suffering, and my pain. The second part of the verse above says that the tree will lie in the way it falls. Sometimes we will lie for a while when we fall too and I would much rather fall into God than fall into the world and all of it's uncertainties. Which way are you leaning today? Are you growing closer to God by leaning into Him or are you leaning away from Him when life's struggles and challenges come your way? My husband has a new book which is being released on November 12, 2009. The title is: "Leaning Into God When Life Is Pushing You Away" I am currently reading this book and I enjoying it very much. I believe that this book can change your relationship with God and with others as it will help you learn how lean on Him. You will discover how to integrate past disappointments and failures into a productive, healthy, guilt and shame-free present and future. If you want to pre-order Robert's book you can go to and in the search box under "books" just type in, "Leaning Into God..."
I am convinced that God wants us to lean into Him, especially when we are blown around and sometimes crushed by the storms of life! He will keep us stabilized when our world is full of chaos.
I have also included the Publisher's Weekly review below. Until next week, always remember that no matter what you are going through, God is blessing you. Donna

Publisher's Weekly Review
Leaning into God When Life Is Pushing You Away Robert A. Schuller with William Kruidenier. FaithWords, $22.99 (256p) ISBN 978-0-446-58098-4
Inspirational author Schuller offers readers who want to respond to adversity with, and through, faith a fine primer on pressing toward God despite pain and problems. Schuller, whose newest ministry is the television and Internet outlet ComStar Media, shares with readers the circumstances of his painful departure from leadership at the Crystal Cathedral founded by his father, Robert H. Schuller, and explains how this life-altering detour caused him to re-examine the foundations of his faith. Stronger from the experience, the author encourages fellow Christians to seek out God especially when life is darkest and confusion greatest. Readers will find solid resources: practical suggestions as well as numerous inspirational stories of real men and women who successfully faced down the giants in their lives. Schuller specifically addresses such issues as guilt, shame, regret, anxiety, disappointment and fear. In each chapter he offers fresh perspective, renewed hope and fresh faith tools for those going through hardship, as well as strong reminders that God is always present and never fails. (Nov.)


  1. Hello Donna and Robert. I just
    wanted to tell you both as to how impressed I am with the publisher's review on your new book. I have tried to place an
    order with Amazon but don't seem
    to have got anywhere I think that this book will help a lot of people including me
    God bless Barbie M

  2. Morning from Switzerland. - Sounds to be a book with a lot of feelings and good hints for more trusting in God, lean on him and not dewelling only in grief even we are devasted.- I ordered it in advance already a while back at Amazon. - I say, past is past, we can't only dwell in it. We have to look ahead and keeping fond memories in our heart, even so smile when we feel sick in our heart. Nevertheless we should not denay the existance of our circumstances but confess what God's word has to say about our situation. - Blessings, Rosemarie

  3. Hi, Donna

    Tim and I are excited to read the new book. Sounds like everything is aligning itself for both of you.

    I hope and pray that lots or people read the new book and start leaning in because we all need His blessings now more than ever.

    Blessings, Tim and Marion Algier

  4. Hi Donna, sounds to me a book anyone should have in their possession. I am going to pre-order it immediately.
    Given my situation at this very moment this book is a gift from Heaven.
    I'm sure that Robert's new book will be a great blessing to many people.

    Blessing, Ria

  5. Donna and Robert,
    I'm looking forward to reading this book and to get a fresh perspective on how to cope with some emotional pain and anger I've been having trouble dealing with. Mary

  6. I would like to 2nd all those comments made by others. Having read Getting Through What You're Going Through several times I ordered the new book a few weeks ago from and they usually mail out a week before official release date.

    Watching my mailbox!!!

    The guaranteed price on is about $17.00 for pre-orders by the way. Always about $5.00 to $10.00 less for pre-orders on all Amazon sites. So anyone who wants to order
    should definitely pre-order, I would say from your country's Amazon store.

    To Barbie, if you are having trouble, there is a help site I think on all Amazon sites world-wide. That may help.

    With His Love to all...J-MW (Canada)

  7. Dear Donna &
    Robert: I am also looking forward to your new book. And how you delt with all the different emotions you went through. And have come through so positive. It is about this time last year I started to relize things were never going to be the same on HOP. But I am starting to see some very positive things happening for us because you are now walking in your own shoes. Instead of asking God to bring you back to CC. I think I will thank him for his plan Robert for you and your family. Bless to all of you.

  8. Dear Donna and Robert,

    I am so very excited to read your new book. This is a message I need to read pronto! Its so beautiful to see the level of healing and growth that has occurred...gotta go to Amazon now. hehe.

    bless you,

  9. Dear Donna and Robert,
    A lot has happened in a year. It has been a year of many changes for me. I retired from 37 years of teaching and moved to Nevada Sept. 1. I had become a member of the CC in 1995, was a tour guide there for 14 years, attended Dr. Muffin's adult sunday school class for 14 years, and became an Elder about 2 years ago. Robert A. baptized me a couple of years ago as well. I have felt a terrible loss but am happy to say I can watch Bobby on the computer and do watch him weekly and support the St. Patrick Project. I do miss Robert and Donna terribly. Within a month we should be able to see Robert's new show on American Life TV. I have pre-ordered his new book and am anxious to read it. I am so thankful that things are working out for Robert and Donna. They certainly have been a great example of "practicing what they preach!
    God is indeed Blessing us all!

  10. Greeting! I have been a follower of HOP about thrity years now and was especially blessed during Rev. Robert's time at the CC.
    It seems God's timing is always perfect though we may wonder what is going on.
    I found that the books, Walking In Your Own Shoes as well as Getting Through What You Are Going Through, was available at the perfect time. Can't wait to read the new book, Leaning Into God.
    Please know that your family is blessing many through your ministries, and examples.
    Thanks for this blog. It is truly a blessing. We thank God for you.
    Blessings and hugs.

  11. I am quite excited. I just received an email from stating that Robert Anthony's new book will ship earlier than previously announced---Nov. 2 to Nov 4. WOW! I will be watching for it.

  12. I connected to this blog from another Christian blog. I like the subject of this book and I will check it out. This is a very needed thing right now for so many people.

  13. Dear All (there are too many names to mention!)
    I need to remind you that you are all such a blessing to me, more than you will ever know. Your loving comments and the way you share with such open and honest hearts has truly made my life better. God definitely had a plan. I started this blog last March in order to have a place to connect with people who were wondering what happened to Robert and I. This has developed into much more than I ever could have imagined. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for every single prayer request and comment. You continually provide answers my prayers. God is blessing you, Donna

  14. Dear Donna and Robert I am just so glad that we are all able to help you and Robert. The way I see it is Both of you helped us all in various ways through H of P. Now we have been to and are helping you to cope with and get over a very upsetting part of your life. A lot of us were upset with what happened to you both Now we are so thankful for the way that God has led you both in the work that you both are beng called to. Sorry for rambling but that is ME
    God bless you both and all your family particularly Anthony in
    PNG God bless Barbie

  15. Donna and Robert,
    I totally agree with Barbie's comments. My husband and I were going through a terrible ordeal at the same time as you and Robert. It was employment related and very scary. It involved a family business, not relatives. We moved as a result. I needed the Crystal Cathedral and Robert's sermons more than ever. Then the fiasco happened at the Crystal Cathedral and I lost my Pastor and I doubted the church I had loved for over 28 years. I cried daily for three months, then I found a lifeline, Robert's book "Getting Through What You're Going Through". I spent time outdoors reading and being comforted and inspired by his words. I didn't want to burden you with my problems when you were going through your difficult situation, so I focused my energy and tried to be supportive of you and Robert. I'll e-mail you with my story now that you and Robert are spirtually healing and on the road to a better future. I'll share with you how our prayers were answered and how my husband is thriving today in a new job with ethical people. God does know what's best for us, sometimes it involves unbearable pain but we always walk through the door renewed and stronger. Much Love to you both. Mary

  16. Donna, I feel good and happy for you that we all can have a share in helping you to see the light again. - I will certainly devour Robert's book as I did his others. They are a blessing to me included yours. - Now it's time to thank you for all you do for us. - Blessings Rosemarie

  17. I heard the sound of tiny feet on my roof this early morning?!

    So I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter, threw open the windows and pulled up the sash!( Sounds like "The Night before Christmas?!) There were no reindeers but just a family of squirrels on my roof. But....

    There was a jolly old fellow though, my postman, and he did make it like Christmas morning as he gave me a box from Amazon and YES Robert's kind face on a skyblue background
    of the book cover now awaits me. My chair is by the window where I can see all God's beauty while I slowly taste the wisdom I know is within the pages I shall read and re-read more then once.

    A happy start to my day!!

    Hope everyone gets their copies soon too!

    He is blessing all

    Jan-Michael (Canada)

  18. JEAN-MICHAEL, I wait with bated breath on my copy, because I love Robert's books. When it will arrive, it's an early Christmas day for me too. Meanwhile and after as well I ENJOY DONNA with her blog here, she can lighten up my life too. I miss my pastor, but when I have a look in my heart, I find him there. I have fond memories of him, because of seeing him selveral times personally and meeting him as a wonderful sensitive person. - Blessings, Swiss Rosemarie

  19. I am so glad that you are receiving your books! Yay!
    I pray that all who read it would be more fully aware of God's tremendous love for them.

  20. I received Robert's book from Amazon several days ago and I'm reading it mow. It's beautifully written and I'm learning so much. Thank you. We miss our pastor very much! Thanks for the excellent blogs - we have new speakers so we can hear you!
    Love and blessings to you and your family.
    Mary & Bob


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