Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28th and Checking-In!

"Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives."
Viktor Frankl

It's been four weeks since we saw in the year 2013.    I wonder how we all are doing on our New Year's goals?  If you are like me there's a few things you need reminding of and maybe you even need to be more strongly encouraged than that!
If you are still procrastinating in writing down your goals for 2013 or maybe even wondering what your goals should even be then you need to join us on February 15th at 6pm Pacific Time.   My husband Robert and I are continuing with our body, mind, spirit health curriculum as we speak to a fantastic guest Dr. Douglas DiSiena.
"Dr. D"
 We began our Possibility Living classes in November 2012, continued with our guest Max Lucado on December 15th,  followed by Mark Victor Hansen on January 15th.  You will not want to miss Dr. DiSiena on February 15th followed by Angie Schuller Wyatt on March 15th and a world-famous brain doctor on April 15th.  Every month we promise you an inspiring class as we help you figure out what it means to strive towards great health in body, mind, and spirit.  Based on all the comments and feedback these classes have already made a huge mark on a number of people's lives.  Where else can you meet and speak to famous experts in the body, mind, spirit health fields and in the comfort of your own home?!   

*For more information please click-on the "classes" tab located on the top of this page.  We are offering some great incentives this month!

I look forward to talking to you on the 15th of February.

God is blessing you!  Donna

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  1. Thanks for "checking in" to see how all doing on goals, Donna and I too am tweaking a bit. But on the Mind Body Spirit side, I have benefited by a better diet, using your site recipes and adding some DaVinci Labs Vermont products you have. Have partnered spiritually in a Barnabus project at our local church. "Barnabus" as in Jesus' sent out 2 disciples together to support eachother spiritually as they went into community, or to support in their day to day spiritual life, for the good days and the trying times we all face. Lastly, I am now able to personally do a walk for Multiple Sclerosis and have set up my goals if anyone wants to check out my site at:

    I do a 2 mile a day walk with a bi-lateral walker mostly and have been that doing from Jan 12, but continue 'til Easter (basically 40 days, a pause, then another 40 days). If unable to go outside, I follow Leslie Sanson DVD home walk 2 mile program and that is so good and she is an inspiring positive spirit. Luv her DVDs and VHS tapes (Yeah, I still have a VCR at home).

    God bless all and good luck on your mthly telephone courses, Donna. You have some great guests. I often refer to the book Robert A and DiSienna wrote "Possibility Living: Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years with God's Health Plan"

    J-M †


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