Monday, January 14, 2013

"Oh, The Places You'll Go" in 2013

Christina and I went to see the Rose Bowl Parade floats on January 2nd.  This was the first one that we saw.
Where will you go in 2013?  Follow your dreams!

One of the greatest things about getting older is that my children are getting older too.  With their age comes great friendships and also the sharing of their knowledge and wisdom.  Since I have four really smart kids  I am continually challenged and humbled regarding some of my ideas and philosophies!

This float was one of my favorites...the Disney "Cars" float.  

I was recently challenged by reading something that my daughter Christina wrote on her blog when she was opposing a popular new year's call to become a "new you."   She said that she liked herself so why would she want to become a 'new' her?!  She also said that she wants to become a better version of who she already is and that there's a difference.  I agree on both counts.
  Last year I'm pretty sure that a title to one of my blogs was "New Year, New You"so after reading and taking to heart what Christina wrote,  I have decided to do-away with the "new you" challenge as well!

"For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope."   Romans 14:13

Each January 1st my husband and I;  and any kids who might be at our house, sit down and one by one share the best thing that happened to us in the year prior.   We also disclose at least one of our goals for the new year ahead.  The exciting thing about this process is that more often than not each of us will go on and on concerning all the great things that have happened to us or share details regarding all kinds of dreams and plans we have for the new year.  That's what is so great about sharing what turned out well in the past or what we are looking forward to in the future:  it's exciting, inspiring, motivating, and fun, and we can discuss it for hours!

 Why do most people make new year's resolutions instead of setting new year's goals?  Why would you tell yourself what not to do instead of encouraging yourself to become a better person by doing something more?!
Denis Waitley is an author and a  well-known public speaker.  His book, "Seeds of Greatness" is one of my all-time favorites.  He shares a principal in this book called the "R-U-ME2"  which points to studies which confirm that the brain cannot come away from a thought therefore you cannot reverse a thought .   He even wrote a little poem about it.  It goes:
 “I have a little robot that goes around with me. I tell it what I’m thinking; I tell it what I see. I tell my little robot all my hopes and fears. It listens and remembers everything it hears. At first, my little robot followed my command, but after years of training, it’s gotten out of hand. It doesn’t care what’s right or wrong, or what is false or true. No matter what I try now, it tells me what to do.”

Let me give you a practical example that I use when coaching a client in nutrition.  Let's say that they are trying to give-up their daily consumption of chocolate chip cookies.  They usually tell me something like "I've told myself over and over not to eat those darn cookies but it doesn't work."  I then tell them that this technique is just reinforcing the brain's desire for the cookies!  Denis talks about a baseball player who is up at bat and about to swing.  The player doesn't tell himself where not to hit the ball, i.e.; "watch out for the center fielder, keep the ball away from him."  If he were to do that guess where the ball is more than likely to go?  To the center fielder!   Instead he should tell himself where to hit it by saying something like. "hit a line-drive down the 1st base line."   By telling himself where to hit the ball he has a better chance of accomplishing just that.  Get it?  So, back to the cookies.  If you tell yourself not to eat the cookies your mind only hears "chocolate chip cookies" thus encouraging your desire for the cookies(or anything else you are trying to give up!)  Instead you need to say something like, "I will do all I can to eat healthy today." or for accomplishing other goals or eliminating other habits try, "I want to be a better person so I will _____"(fill in the blank on what you will do).

Back to goals vs. resolutions.  Based on my studies and things that I have read I believe with all my heart that you should set goals on what you will do to become a better person in 2013 rather than what you will resolve yourself to give up.   Body, mind, or soul, you can become healthier in all three by thinking about ways you can improve yourself.  Then make sure you write your ideas down.  Put them in a place where you will see them daily.

"Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier."   C. Neil Strait

*It's not too late to join us for our monthly tele class tomorrow, January 15th at 6pm Pacific time.   All you need is a phone!  Let me know if you want to phone-in and I will give you the information.

God is blessing you for a great 2013!


  1. Yes, getting "better" at what what we do physically and socially is a good plan. I do recognize my shortcomings better when I emphasize what I believe have been good aspects of myself and my habits. I say habits in a positive sense though often the word is thought negative, like an addiction. But I like to think of the GOOD habits; eating right, thinking of the best ways to do something either for another person who needs help or for myself. I do have a hard time asking help from others, always having been independent (too independent) other than asking God's help and HIS patience with my character flaws. Just read Michael J Fox Looking Up or rather listened to his reading his book on CD. Very inspirational and so positive as he gets through Parkinson's recognizing all the opportunities it has opened for him to spend time with young family and work with others like Muhamed Ali toward a cure for Parkinson's and other similar diseases like Multiple Sclerosis as have I.

    I recommend "Looking Up" even if you do not have a particular interest in the illnesses as much of the book really deals with developing the positives open to all if we concentrate on what we have rather than what we do not have in our life.


  2. I am taking courses to keep my mind active and I have an exercise program that I do at home to keep me more fit. I exercise a few times a week
    and I walk when the weather is milder. I feel better when I exercise and I enjoy learning new skills. God bless you.


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