Friday, December 26, 2014

12 Days of Christmas...So Enjoy!

On Christmas night as I was walking my dog I was shocked to see someone's Christmas tree already out for trash collection!  Really?  I mean, the Christmas sweet potatoes weren't even cold yet at my place!
Does someone have to "get through" Christmas that fast?
Personally I have always tried to get my tree down on New Year's Day.  We observed that tradition in my childhood home so that's what I'm comfortable with.  Last year it was up until we returned from Mexico on January 9th.
 I actually like reminiscing about Christmas Day; this year's and also ones from years past.  Leaving the decorations up for a while longer helps me in this process of holding-on just a bit longer.
Technically Christmas lasts through Epiphany which is January 6th. I'm sure you've heard of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  The 12th day is Epiphany which is celebrated as a holiday in many nations around the world.   To read more about Epiphany click here.
Have a wonderful next few days and don't stress if the house isn't back to looking like it normally does just yet.  Consider leaving your tree and decorations up a bit longer this year and if anyone asks just tell them that you are holding on to the tradition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  You will be healthier in body, mind, and soul if you just slow down a bit, reminisce and enjoy!

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  1. Of Dutch heritage, I particularly like what I call "Little Christmas" (which of course is Epiphany). We never take down our decorations until after Epiphany (Little Xmas). I have taken Xmas slowly this year and quieter, reading through Advent writings by Bill Gaultiere and Bobby Schuller's 3 booklets on "LOVE", Robert's daily videos I now savour and they start my day nourished in Spirit. You Donna, are "the Rock" for me, as I always sense you bring all the aspects from your family, be it your Mom on The Call, your help for us all in healthy living (body, mind and spirit), etal, together. So I will certainly be watching this "space" and all the other aspects of what I consider your and your family's and follower's Ministry.

  2. Thank you so much Jan-Michael. Some days I am weary and I'm not sure why I do all of this work.
    I appreciate your kind comments of support. Sincerely, Donna

    1. You do the WORK for Yourself and for the Lamb of God...!!! Not for your hubby, children, friends, beloved pets etc.

  3. I still have my Christmas decorations up and I like to enjoy the festive season during the beginning of January. I also enjoy reading your blogs. I'm inspired by your faith and your wisdom.

  4. Even I don't replay to the subject here!!!! I am wondering , if yo realy live on a house boat and how you get money for your living; in a poor Country like Mexico!! Sorry this question.?! I mean this question serious, I do not want to offend all ppl. here o n this page!!! Kisses Rose from Zurich, Switzerland!!!

  5. Hi Rose-Happy New Year and many of God's continued blessings to you. We do not "live on a house boat." We do stay on a small fishing boat when we are down in Mexico holding our Gathering (church) service and doing other work. We call it our "home" because we live on it when we are here. We bought it from Robert's dad many years ago and we pay for all of the expenses. Robert was a best-selling author for a time so we managed to save some money and we now live on some of that but it's running out! We do not have any support from anyone down here but God provides just enough each month for us to continue to work as non-paid pastors trying to help others as need be. We do get small donations on our ministry website but we have to subsidize with other work we do outside of what you might think of as "typical ministry." I hope this answers your question.
    God is blessing you. Donna

  6. I certainly missinterpreted... I know you & Robert don't lead an easy life.... what happenened still now don't let me smile.! Anyway life has to continue, (My past has some scratches too) we walk with Jesus. Even I haven't the intention right now to convert to a Catholic, I appreciate "my Monastery Vienna-Woods, I have visited last June, because of a stay in Vienna (Austria). God bless, Swiss Rose


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