Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why Xmas Stockings?


  1. Another lovely tradition explained. Thank you, Robert. Being of Dutch heritage myself, I also grew up with our presents all in a sack (pillowcase) placed at the bottom of our beds. I do recall a particular Christmas when I, at about 5 years old or so, awoke shortly after the pillowcase was placed as my Dad was a musician and so it was in the wee hours at about 4 AM I guess. Once awake and after waking my sister quietly, we started giggling and the rustle of paper woke my parents. I think that was the last time St Nick left the gifts in a sack at the bottom of our beds. Thus we started a new tradition...finding our gifts only beneath our Christmas Tree!

  2. I wonder if you both might talk sometime on the use of Xmas in place of Christmas in ads or on cards that seems to give angst to many including my wife. It is not a problem for me as I have read up on the use of Xmas from 1st Century Greek but it seems to upset many who see it as taking Christ out of Christmas.

    I do look fwd to The Call and hearing you, Donna and any guest you may have. A prayer, a message ( short talk) on a way that we can all relate together and support any who are in a difficult time is always uplifting. If I do not get through on the phone while I am listening, do have a very Merry Christmas.


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