Friday, May 1, 2015

Got Health For Mother's Day?

It's been nearly a year since I published my book, "Healthy Family, Happy Life" yet I'm still so surprised that many people assume that what I mean by being healthy only includes eating right and exercising.  During my book interviews some hosts even joke to the point of self-deprecation before they introduce me while they explain how they need to lose weight,  try to justify why they recently gave up their gym membership , or confess they ate too much at a party the night before! 
Although a good diet and regular physical activity is definitely a part of overall health, it surely is not the end-all.
 In my practice, when I coach an individual the first thing I do is I evaluate all areas of their health.  Some of my initial questions might include: "What do you do for a living and do you like your job? Are you married?  Do you have children?  Is your home life peaceful and satisfying?  What is your spiritual life like? If you parents are living, what is your relationship like with them? What does your typical day look like? What time do you go to bed? When do you wake-up?  What do you eat upon rising?"   In order for me to assess a person's physical health I need to try to envision the entire picture of the whole person, their habits and their daily living conditions.   In fact, I have found that most people who say they need to lose weight haul around a huge load of emotional and/or spiritual baggage.  In most cases their excess pounds will be shed naturally, over time,  once the other issues have been sorted-out.
  My book does include some helpful hints on eating right and exercise but it also features chapters on the importance of being honest;  why goal setting is important;  practicing positive thinking for a better life;   how to get through tough times;  and the significance of loving yourself, others, and God.

Christina (8 mos. pregnant w/Christian, Me (Donna) , My mom (Lanelle)

In honor of  Mother's Day I decided to remind you of the timeless messages included in my book, and after all, I dedicated this book to my mother!  Since last year my (then) pregnant daughter, Christina, who was featured on the back of my book, has given birth to and is raising a healthy baby boy who is turning one on May 15th! I have so much respect for the way my daughter is raising Christian although making the right health choices for his overall well-being are not always the easiest ones to make.  For one, she makes all of his food and she only prepares that which is chemical-free and non-GMO.  She has not yet given him any dairy or wheat and she is still breast-feeding a few times a day.  He is 100% medicine and drug-free since birth, has a regular nap and bedtime routine, is beginning to learn what "no no" means, and they surround him with the love of family and friends on a regular basis.  My subtitle, "what healthy families learn from healthy moms" is now impacting four generations and it's such a blessing for me to see it all played-out thus far. 

Christian, 11mos with his mommy, Christina. 

For the month of May I am offering you a signed book for $12.99, including shipping costs.  They make great gifts for anyone who is trying to adopt a healthier life-style; physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  It's a great book for young and old because it's never too late to start living healthier!  I am also offering specials for my private telephone coaching services.  Contact me at if you are interested in either.

Remember to join me for "The Call" on May 15th.  Dial 530-881-1300 from any phone.  Key-in 642848# for access.

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  1. Yes, how we often begin with thinking "food choices" when someone mentions health! But we need to also know our food choices are mostly governed by our mood, time of lack of same, exercise, etc. Last after all the rest of our life demands come meal preparation! Or grabbing a quick microwave dinner as we are already tired. Planning for shopping groceries, setting a meal plan before we need it and really concentrating more on good relationships, adequate sleep, exercise and quiet time will lead to overall health and a healthy relaxed mood will lead to a happy meal time and thus better digestion I find.


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