Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eat Break-Fast!

 As a health coach I write about issues of health...total health meaning that of the body, the mind, and the soul.  Here's one regarding what you eat (or don't eat!)

For me and my family we have a habit of drinking a "green drink" every morning This drink is blended and filled with fresh green vegetables, a combination of healthy fats, (coconut or avocado are my go-to)  high-quality protein powder, water and ice cubes.   In addition I may or may not have an egg or two, either scrambled in coconut oil, poached, or made into an omelet containing more of the same healthy greens.  I am satisfied for hours because my body is getting real food and it is happy about that so I have no cravings and I begin the day energized and ready to face whatever comes my way.
Remember that breakfast can be called break-fast.   That's right....you are breaking an overnight fast.   Most likely you have not eaten all night and your insulin levels will be all out of sorts if you leave the house without adequate fuel.  In turn your stress hormones will be messed up and once this happens you are setting yourself up for a potential cascade of health issues in body, mind and soul.
Please eat breakfast!!
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  1. Donna of course is right, eating breakfast does not put on weight! In fact, I know from experience, the opposite is true. If I eat breakfast I do not get suddenly attracted to unhealthy fast foods in the morning. And if I eat breakfast I am more energetic and will burn calories as I do gardening or move wherever I am, even if in an office where I may volunteer (I am now retired).

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