Saturday, August 15, 2009


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  2. Loved the story of the "Bears"!

    The music added a whimsical sense to the story plus with your eyes twinkling as you retold the story, I had a lot of fun listening!

    A great tail, uh, tale... ;)

    The person who was hurting so badly they emailed to you that they had been considering taking their own life, I too will pray for them. Tomorrow I hope they will see a more positive future and believe that they can help someone in distress someday, who, without them, might not find hope.

    God is blessing you and yours, Donna

    Jan-Michael (Canada)

  3. Donna, we can't solve tomorrows problems today, as you mentioned right in your last sentence. This words are deep in me. Little by little, we have to take, approach a problem! I have had to learn that during my life. - Amazing, as I wrote the titel, I already new which story you would tell us this time. Read it it your book. - I pray for your friend being in a suicidal mood. - God's abounding blessings. - Rosemarie

  4. Dear Lord. Please do be with that person who wrote to Donna about commiting suicide. I don't know who this person is but You do Lord. Please Lord surround this person with Your Love and Protection and help them Lord to handle whatever situation it is that is upsetting them so much
    Please do be with Donna. Lord.
    Help. guide and guard her Lord
    as she reaches out to so many
    people Thank you Lord Amen

    Donna I love that scarf that you wear in this video.
    God bless Barbie

  5. Loved your story Donna. It reminds me of when I was younger and a girl scout on camping trips in the woods. But we were inside a cabin protected from anyrhing our young minds could and would imagine. Back then we were afraid of the wolfs. On a more serious note, i too am bothered that anyone would contemplate suicide. I'll keep that person in my prayers.

  6. Hi Donna:
    June Punchard here-you have had some words from my husband Brian and i just thought i would like to compliment you on your video messages. i lke the personal aspect of them=the fact that you relate your personal story to a passage of scripture=great way to present a sermon. A few years back i would use that idea when I was a Lay preacher with our Anglican Church.I have been in the Broadcasting business for a long time so am also eager to hear how the new networks is coming along. Keep up the good work and God Bless your Ministry.

  7. See you at The Gathering on the 30th! Thank you for the kind comments and for watching the blog. With God's continued blessings for a great and safe holiday, Donna

  8. I loved your bear story Donna. I too will pray for the poor soul who wants to commit suicide.

    Rosemarie, I remember you in my prayer today.
    God is watching over you!!! Take care.

    Much Christian love,

    Ria (The Netherlands)

  9. Hi Donna,

    Terrific, terrific blog. This came at the perfect moment. I have been fretting (as my husband calls it) over so much lately that I think I was starting to drive myself a little batty. We will have two daughters in college full time in September and I've been worrying over the finances and then our youngest graduated from high school in June, she wants to start training to become a figure skating coach. She has been skating since she was nine and I want so much more for her. It can be a rough way to make a living. Finally Keith said what does the good book say about worrying about tomorrow or doesn't the Bible mention about the birds and how God provides. He will provide and it will be terrific.

    My prayers and thoughts go out to the person who is thinking of suicide. My daughter has a friend who has known of five friends who committed suicide this year and I find myself wondering why so many turn to suicide instead of to God and instead of reaching out to those who want to help. My prayers will be on this person.

    Thank you for helping us to remember that we should live in the moment.


  10. Great Blog Donna, you inspire and comfort us with your words. What a gift, what a blessing. Thanks for sharing your faith!


  11. All of you who are praying for the man who mentioned suicidal thoughts. Thank you for continuing to pray for him. I have heard nothing more although I tried to email a couple of more times. I hope he is okay. It is in God's hands.


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