Thursday, August 13, 2009

Robert's message from Sunday

Hi Everyone!
Robert's message will be posted on The Gathering blog very soon. Bobby was two weeks behind in his posting since he has been in the middle of two moves! One was his office and the other was his home! He now has both of his last two messages posted and his dad's (Robert's) will be up soon. The address is: God is blessing you, Donna


  1. Getting the hankies ready because I will be crying tears of joy!

  2. Hi Mary. I think that I will
    need a packet of tissues for the
    same reason
    Love and God bless
    Barbie M

  3. last week I cried tears of sadness, soon I will be crying tears of joy, for sure!!!
    tissues will be needed!!

    With much Christian Love
    Ria (The Netherlands)

  4. What is the light/glow under the table in the pic? Multiple candles?

  5. Believe it or not he glow is from a crystal chandelier! It is hanging under the table! We had two very creative young people come up with the decor for the church service. Everything is kept in a huge storage locker in the parking lot. It all has to be installed and then broken down, each Sunday!
    It's pretty and fits the theme of a very low-key, organic, participatory worship center. Thanks for asking!

  6. During I watched Robert's pain sermon it was for me as he never had been away from the pulpit. He made the impression to me as the man he used to be. Hope it so much for him! - Good to hear his attitudes about this subject. - May God bless Robert richly and lead him through his TV project. - Rosemarie

  7. Watching the video of Robert A. Schuller!

    Wow, the video of RAS at The Gathering is so great, even after listening to the Podcast ! The video adds to the inspiring message in the setting of The Gathering and seeing the ease with which RAS just steps in to help Bobby, who was otherwise unable to preach that Sunday, was comforting to watch.

    I know many are so happy to see the way things just keep getting better for all and the video is something I have been patiently longing for. To see Robert looking relaxed, inspired and delivering a great sermon, one of his best, I think, is a blessing!

    With Love and a prayer of appreciation to He who has brought us through a difficult time with blessings,

    Jan-Michael ( Toronto, Canada )

  8. Just watch Robert at the Gathering. I agree it was great . And pray he can fill in more often. Have really missed his words.
    God Bless Cysradill

  9. Very happy to see and hear Robert at the Gathering. He seems very himself,and gave us a great message!! I've missed his inspiring sermons. God is blessing him and us to have him back and it felt like he had never been away. Donna, Robert and you went through a very difficult and sad period,I pray that you can leave this all behind you now with the help of God and people. We all love you very much and care about both of you.
    Take care.

    God bless you both

    Ria (The Netherlands)

  10. So awesome to watch Robert's message! So wonderful to see him looking so at ease and preaching the Word of God. May God continue to bless u, Robert and Bobby in ur ministries in these days!!


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