Saturday, August 1, 2009

Transformed and Renewed

Last week you saw me in the American Legion Hall; a building which is transformed into a beautiful, spiritual setting each Sunday by a group of volunteers. Each helper knows the goal and can clearly see the changes as the sights, smells, and symbols of The Gathering come alive by the time the service starts at eleven o'clock. How beautiful to witness this physical transformation and the fruits of the labor involved! Although this physical change in form and appearance takes a lot of work it brings to my mind an even greater and more difficult kind of change. It is a change which can not be physically seen.
The Bible teaches us to "be transformed by the renewing of your mind". I believe this self-transformation requires time spent in self-reflection and the willingness to grow and develop into all we can be with God's help. The heart of this kind of change has little to do with what's on the outside but everything to do with what's on the inside. Even mentioning this is a frightening thought for some because most of us don't want to change anything we're doing but we do want to change others!
If you've read my profile or if you know me at all you will recognize that I am an energetic person who prefers outside activities over sitting down with a book, reading a devotional, or spending much time in self-reflection. To me I would rather work it all out in the gym, on the volleyball court, the hiking trail, or the tennis court. I share this with you because sitting down quietly and searching for answers in solitude does not come naturally for me. I know this about myself and it has taken a daily morning routine to help me connect with God in a peaceful and meaningful way. I find it necessary for my mental and spiritual well-being to begin each day with a thirty minute quiet time outside in my backyard. I read and I enjoy the sights and sounds of nature before I face whatever the day has in store for me. This ritual has helped me stay centered and focused on the message God has for me regarding myself and others and I am committed to it.
I read and answer a lot of emails and letters and I have prayed for the many physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that people face. Some are very stress-filled, hopeless, and filled with discouragement. For those of you facing these daily trials my hope and prayer for you is that as you begin your day you would remember to ask God for new life and strength as you face each situation. Take time to wait and listen to God's answers as you pray for personal transformation and renewal. Find a trusted friend to help you if you find this too difficult a task. You might even need to seek professional counseling.

"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen in eternal." 2 Cor 4:16-18 NIV

Remember to keep your eyes focused on what is unseen including all of your hopes and dreams for a great future.
Until next week, remember that God IS blessing you!


  1. Thanks Donna,
    Your words are coming at a perfect time. I'm facing additional physical challenges so I need to stay positive.
    Candy Crain

  2. Dear Donna: Over the last year you have had to be very stronge .And you must have felt very descouraged at times. I know the Lord has his ways of Brightening peoples spirits My problem is to recognize his signs of encouragement as I know they can come in strange forms.
    Late one night when things were not going good in my home. A stranger came to my front door and asked for money . I sent him away rather then have trouble start. As he left he turned and look at me and then walked away . To this day I can still see his eyes and the look in them. And I often wonder if I sent away one of Gods angles. Things are better now in my life. And I have found many signs of help from God in Many little ways and many strange ways, But I feel his presents more each time.
    Your message to-day brought all this back to me and I felt I had to tell you. God Bless you and Your Family each and every day. Cysradill

  3. Wise words Donna and thank you as I am one who always wanted to "fix" situations!

    I am learning through your blogs to be more open to change and to wait on my prayers to Him. I wake up often with a new answer that was not my initial "fix" solution but a far more sensible way to deal with a stressful time.

    Some may say "you just had to sleep on it" but I truly believe He hears our prayers and plants a seed in our conciousness. He was probably always doing that for me and I was maybe not expecting it or not sincerely telling Him that I was trusting of His seed and was going to wait for Him.

    On the morning reflection time, I open my windows to hear the birds as I awake and it is a signal to me that the happiness of the birds is there as His gift to refresh our spirits. But we have to have the windows open and ready to be awakened to happy times.

    You too have refreshed me with your words!

    God is blessing you.


  4. Donna, thanks for your openness. - It's really good to start the day calm and peaceful otherwise we are stressed all day long and feel more sick then happy. - I can sit down and read a book. I even can be calm and read when I'm on the way with public transportation or sitting at our riverside to calm myself. When I feel blue I tray to think of something nice or a person who lifted me up already in another situation with nice and kind words. - Unseen is the fragrancy of a flowerbed we have in our own garden, the salty smell of the sea or just the fresh air in the morning. - We all have dreams for our future, if they are not to achieve, we have to find another solution to be happy and not grieving about the closed door or the door that didn't open. God gives us so many chances to do something. If we only lay down in grief our body get sick and we destroy ourselfs. Not an easy action to smile all the time when we fell blue. Or we have to find a person we can tell about our grief. - My prayers are with you. - Rosemarie

  5. Thank you so much for that last
    thought of yours "Remember God
    is blessing you" I find this of
    a great help to me.
    God bless
    Barbie M Australia

  6. Donna,
    Another great blog with much food for thought.
    Your words remind me to take the time "to smell the flowers" each morning, to reflect on all the good things in life, and to have a positive mind set for the day. The challenges of the day will seem less stressful if we do this.
    Yes, GOD is blesssing me ~~ along with all of us that believe.
    Thanks, and keep these positive messages coming.
    Love you,


    Apart from the wonderful picture of the transformed Legion into a place for The Gathering, your main blog this week talked about staying focused and renewed.

    I hope you agree this following link to a wonderful story of success, even in the hardest of circumstances, fits and will be inspirational to others, as it was to me.

    It is from GodTube/Tangle of Chris Wyatt. your's and Robert's son-in-law (and now CEO of ALT of RAS and Chris ... Enjoy and blessings to all...Jan-Michael

  8. I Corinthians 1 tells us that we suffer so that we can comfort others who suffer like us. And can anyone deny that JESUS knows all about suffering? That is why he is our Great Comforter. Donna, I cannot imagine the pain, suffering you & your family have experienced in the past year, but I do know this...God has a plan & will use your pain in positive, marvelous ways...Jeremiah 33.3

  9. Please let us know when Robert is speaking again. We miss his sermons!

  10. I have been unable to locate the radio broadcasting of your husband, Robert, Donna. Could you email me and tell me what the call nos are on the radio. i cannot wait for him to return to glad to hear that his new book is coming out...Donna, you truly are a special lady....God bless you and your family as you get through these "trying" times. We love you....Sunny


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