Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiet Time


  1. Wonderful Donna. Quiet times with God in the morning is great. I have it with devotional books from Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers, prayers and getting in concersation with God through my diary. Now and then reading in the Bible. - For me it gives never an excuse. When I really want someting I find time for it and when I do not find time for it/person, I wasn't in the mood. - My blessings to you and yours like always. - Rosemarie

  2. I really enjoyed that talk it gave me a lot to think about.
    I really love that song that you
    quoted Donna, "See ye first the
    kingdom of God" God gave me these words quite a long time ago when I really needed help to cope with a very big problem
    With help from these words I was
    able to cope
    God bless
    Barbie M

  3. Silly me! Should have written; getting in conversation with... Blessings Rosemarie

  4. How thoughtful of you to prepare this video for us before you left for 10 days or so, as you had told us.

    I like your plan of starting the day with a cup of tea and a spiritual or certainly positive reading time. And if you can do that outside with the garden sights and sounds, God's natural world filled with beauty and cheerful sounds of birds, that must make it all the more inspiring.

    I love the mornings but also, my most God centered time is about 9PM when I go out in my garden and look at the stars and there are stll birds, crickets and frogs along with the breeze and rustling trees! I find that is a great time for me to speak my heart to Him
    and thank Him for all we have been given in nature and the world.

    God is blessing you and yours!
    Jan-Michael (Canada)

  5. I so agree with you Donna. I too like the quiet moments. speaking with God early in the morning, before I go to work.
    I love to sit outside in my little back yard, enjoying my first cup of coffee listening to the birds each with their own particular voice. I believe that they sing to glorify their creator!!Starting the day without reading my daily devotion gives me an empty feeling during the day.It doesn't feel right. But it is like you say, we can be so busy sometimes, that we put ourselves on number one while we should first seek God our heavenly Father. I like to read "Unto the Hills" from Billy Graham.
    Thank you Donna for sharing your thoughts with us. Your video's always bring me joy and comfort.
    By the way Donna, your son Anthony was seen on TV this Sunday morning.I hardly ever watch hop anymore, but in the anouncement I read that Anthony would be in the Dutch part of the program. So I watched! He was introduced by Jan van den Bosch and they had quite a nice conversation.
    Did you enjoy the Wilhelmina peppermint, the stroopwafels and the Dutch Cheese!!??
    Anyway, it was so nice to see him, bet you miss him a lot.

    God bless you richly Donna

    Ria (Rotterdam,The Netherlands)

  6. Oh Ria! I have to watch the video online. Good you mentioned it. - Blessings Rosemarie

  7. I'm sure you'll like it. Enjoy Rosemarie!!

    Blessings and take care


  8. Dear Ria. I am from Australia
    I looked in the Dutch section of
    HoP but couldn't find the service
    or section that you mention when
    Anthony Schuller was interviewed
    Would it be possible please to post the WWW page address where
    we could find it please
    Thank you Barbie M

  9. I also love the mornings and the quiet of the evenings. I look forward to reading from the Bible and from The Daily Bread. It comes every month and has a daily reading. My son and I take quiet time with God every morning and we both look forward to it, And also pray for ones that have asked us to pray for them. And most of all pray for the ones that need it. And there lives have come so busy and stressfull. They do not take the time out. To speak to God who is carrying them through some of very bad times. What I like most of all is the peacefull happy feeling that will come over you when you have said or done the right thing and have remebered to thank God for it. God Bless Everyone.

  10. RIA, pls. tell which date is the interview, internet. It's not to find. - Or better give the homepage and the date for people not familiar with Dutch. - Blessings Rosemarie

  11. Hi Rosemarie/Barbie.
    To watch the interview with Anthony just visit
    here you have the homepage. click on:
    alle uitzending op een rij
    than click on 23 Augustus (video)
    After the music intro you see the host, Jan van den Bosch, he introduces Anthony (in Dutch ofcourse) Here what he says:
    Quote It was Anthony's wish to come to Holland to look at his roots, they went to Amsterdam and the Hague,in The Hague they visited Madurodam unquote
    By the way, Madurodam is a miniature town in The Hague, very nice.

    Hope it works for you in Switserland and Australia. It should though.

    Much CHristian Love


  12. Thank you so much Ria it did come through very well. Thank you so much for letting us have the www page for that H of P service It was interesting that a bit further on in the service. Robby S was also seen
    God bless and thanks again
    Barbie M

  13. Hi All!
    I am still away until this coming Saturday.
    The taping of Anthony was done a few months ago when he was in The Netherlands. He is presently in Australia( in the outback!)
    he will be home in December. Yes, I do miss him!

  14. You're welcome Barbie, if you are interested, follow the same procedure, and you'll be able to hear and see plenty of sermons by Robert Anthony, August 31 2008 for example. It goes way back, I often pick out a sermon from Robert while doing my ironing (I don't like that job too much) and listening to his powerful words which give me so much inspiration, my job doesn't seem so bad after all.
    My laundry box is empty and my spirit is filled with joy.
    In between the intro, and the sermon is always the Dutch part but you can easily skip that.

    God bless you too


  15. Hi Donna
    Forgot to mention that this interview was done a couple of month ago. I know he is in Australia
    I remember you mentioned in one of your video's that Anthony was in The Netherlands with Robert and that he stayed a little longer out here.

  16. I have seen the "mini" interview from Duch HoP with handsome young Anthony Schuller. My opinion they could have asked him more questions instead of having another Dutch interview also. Anyway, nevertheless smile, because we have been able to hear/see him! I mean always be happy for wee things and not being sad because we think it could have been more. Many blessings, Rosemarie

  17. Hi All! Sorry I didn't post this past weekend! I got home late Saturday and a bit emotionally exhausted from the healing seminar we attended in Dallas. Wanted to let it all settle-in before writing about it. I hope you are all doing great. I will write something later today or tomorrow.

  18. Good of you to let us know you are back home and safe, though surely in need of time to recover from the emotionally draining healing seminar in Dallas!

    The fires in and about Southern California where you are, have been in the news where I am, here in Eastern Canada, so it was good to read your post and know you and yours are safe!

    Rest well, Donna and I am sure others around the globe will agree that we will be happiest that you are well recovered from your trip and seminar when we next have a full weekly post from you.

    With a prayer for you and yours,

    Jan-Michael (Toronto, Canada)

  19. The fires have been in the news in The Netherlands too. Very, frightening.
    Take your time and relax a bit Donna.



  20. Donna,
    This was a great blog. It really got me thinking about how I schedule my day. I often wake up, watch the news and check my e-mails. By then I've been influenced by everyone but God. I thought because I converse with Him throughout the day that I was staying close to Him. I don't think I was spending the time I needed to just listen. Thanks for reminding me that God should be my number one priority each morning. I have several devotional books and beginning tomorrow morning I will read them and spend quiet time with God listening to what He has to say. Thanks Donna. Mary


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